Sofia's Stats and About: 23 year old Pattaya escort.

About escort Sofia

My friends Avril and Migael encouraged me to to come join the fun. I am younger and full of passionate energy! I am available to travel anywhere in Thailand if you pay my travel. Please see my Services section for a complete list of services offered and my Rates page for rates.

Listing Status: Independent Pattaya escort.

Availability Status: Sorry, I am booked or not available for 38 more days. You can complete my Booking form to select any date to meet me on or after Friday the 28th of June 2019 or see my Friends page to select one of my friends who are available sooner.

I joined this cooperative of independent escorts + because I am friends with current or past escorts: Friends Avril

♂♀ Gender: 100% Female escort +

Location: escort seeing clients in Pattaya +

Age: 23 year old +

🎂 Birthday: of

Height: 172 cm - 5 feet, 8 inches +

Weight: 65 KG - 143 lbs +

Bust: 91 cm - 35 in

Waist: 76 cm - 30 in

Hips: 86 cm - 34 in

Cup Size: B cup - 100% Natural - Real +

👠 Shoe Size: 40

Pubic Hair: None - It is completely shaven.

Braces on teeth: yes +

English: Some - Can understand and communicate a little.

Other languages: +

🚬 Smokes: Never.

🍸 Drinks: Yes.

🏥 Date of last STD Test: 5th July 2018
     updated 5th July 2018 17:37

🏥 Date of last HIV Test: 5th July 2018
     updated 5th July 2018 17:37

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual - I swing both ways and like both men and women

Companion For: escort for Gentlemen, Couples

Please be aware that I prefer to meet repeat or VIP clients and may or may not agree to meet you if you are not. You can simply join my VIP Program to become a VIP client if I refuse your booking request. Also, if you want to schedule time with me, but refuse to send in a booking request form and want to book via phone or email I'll also decline your request.

🚫 No boss, no pimps, no gang leader, no boyfriend taking my money. I am a fully independent escort. I am friends with the girls at which is a cooperative friends who are independent escorts. They are my real friends or at least friends of friends as only friends and family are allowed to join the cooperative. Like them, I don’t work for anyone. We are a cooperative of independent friends NOT an agency.

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Sofia's Stats and About: 23 year old Pattaya escort.

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